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Odilon Redon

These pastels make me feel whatever the girl-equivalent reaction would be to cumming in one's pants.

Childhood Home

From when I was about two years old until I was six, my Mom, Dad and I lived in a Victorian house in Alameda, California. I've always maintained a memory of this house as the most perfect house I've ever lived in. Maybe it was the old-fashion frills, like the fact that there was a front AND back staircase, dark wooden paneling in the entry way and living room, and a pantry in the kitchen that made it seem so luxurious compared to my other homes ... but I can also scrap it up to early childhood nostalgia. Either way, these pictures don't quite present my old home in the glory I've bestowed it, but here it is.

Our house, on the corner:
The Kitchen:

I LOVED that table/chair set. Lost in the move, unfortunately, it never made it out to the East coast. Also, the stove had a pull-out flat grill top, like the kind in diners.

View from the second-story porch:
I believe that is our yellow Datsun parked across the street. There were beautiful butterfly decals inside on the door by the door handle, which were exactly at my eye level at the time.

My room:

The master bedroom:

(I painted my room in Willamsburg almost the exact same color, unknowing! Crazy)
Me in one of the best dresses EVER, with my cousins Brian and Matt. I still have that quilt, though it is very ratty now and most of the fabric in the patches is ripped up or missing. It was made by my grandmother and great grandmother on my father's side.

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